About Us

    We are proud of supplying food services industry need with products that high level of quality and certified by one of those ISO9001, HACCP, GMP or other international public well-known official organizations.

    Our name CFM USA, stands for Chopsticks & Foods Merchants in the US.

     We are excite it to becoming one of major manufacturers and suppliers of environmental friendly, biodegradable and sustainable molded fiber food containers products. We are serving these products to food services industry since year 2006.      

     Our food ingredients, seasoning sauces, cooking oils and biodegradable food containers are supplied to major supermarkets, wholesale distributors and catering organizations, also become the preferred choice for restaurants and fast food chains. Today, we are committed to the strictest worldwide standards such as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. We also adhere strictly to Halal certificate and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), complying with EU, FDA standards to confirm that the quality of our products meet both domestic and international standards.

    Lowest price and good service are our goal. We turn it into a lasting profitable relationship with your brand. We are serving foodservice wholesale distributors nationwide.  

What We Provide

    We treat all our customers the same with unique high quality products, superior services and factory direct price. We build our business around our passion.

    In the actual practice, the final cost to your hand is really difference. It is because there are many different of shipping transportation measure. Ordering larger quantity shipments can save you up to 60% of shipping cost. We try to encourage these savings to boost your business capabilities and resources pushing their business growing faster and bigger. We understand you are much smarter. By this path, we will still in positive position for all of you.